Rei Kuromiya was streaming on her Instagram today

Hi. My name is Rei Kuromiya. I am a Japanese U-15 idol that has always loved modeling. I'm living in a very beautiful place, named Planet Earth...=))) I got into the modeling last year and I really enjoy it at my free time. I'm also semi-professional piano player, dancer and amateur artist. As all kids in the world, I like sweets, especially Ice-Cream. I can eat tons of IceCream and fruits, when it's really hot... But Summer is always living in my heart! On the there are many non-nude pics and vids with Rei Kuromiya and I will certainly share with you.

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Rei Kuromiya was streaming on her Instagram today

Postby jblover » Wed Feb 13, 2019 7:31 pm

[ Instagram ] Basically just starts off with konichiwa, then just her listening to music...while staring at the camera, waving once in a while, hardly any talking...

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